Premium Auctions for Luxury goods Est. 1948

Whether searching for priceless artworks or luxurious timepieces, our auctions cater to all passions.
Expertise in handling high-end jewelry sales

With a highly exclusive network of dealers and manufacturuas we hold regular sales where buyers can find rare and sought after pieces of beautiful diamond jewellery

Extensive network of buyers and collectors

With a larger network of buyers and sellers, our auctions have made a name for themselves for people ‘in the know’ as a place to find massive savings on exclusive luxury goods.

Professional appraisal and authentication services

These services are important for ensuring that valuable items are properly identified, evaluated, and protected.

Secure and confidential transactions

Secure and confidential transactions are crucial in today's digital world where information can easily be compromised. T

Notable Closed Lots

Closed Lots

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref 5740/1

Hammer Price: £82,000

Closed Lots

HERMÈS Lizard Mini Kelly II

Hammer Price: £82,000

Closed Lots

Natural Fancy Blue Diamond Ring

Hammer Price: £82,000

Closed Lots

Natural Yellow & White Diamond Bracelet

Hammer Price: £82,000

Hammer Price: £82,000

Hammer Price: £29,750

Hammer Price: £112,500

Hammer Price: £16,000

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“As one of the UK’s most established premium goods auctioneers, Alister Grant commits to showcasing the finest in luxury”.

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First class Luxury goods auctions

Established in the heart of London in 1948, Alister Grant is a renowned luxury goods auctioneer. Specialising in auctions for fine jewellery, our commitment to quality and authenticity has set us apart. We work closely with consignors and buyers to ensure a seamless experience, with a focus on transparency and exceptional service. Whether you’re looking for a valuable collection or to acquire a unique item, our auctions offer a world-class platform for buying luxury items.


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